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Projects for public innovation doers and thinkers.

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The States of Change fellows and the wider community shape the R&D projects we work on and the questions we ask. Have a burning question or want to work together? Please get in touch with Jesper Christiansen.

So far, we've explored the common challenges that innovation practitioners face time and again, and created resources for people like you to use. Here's a flavour of them:

Public innovation is an emerging and evolving space to work in so we also run ongoing experimental projects like our community research cycles, a space to pool what we understand and explore together what we don’t.

We've run workshops and sessions to learn from one another. From the three-week long Learning Festival, to our popular How Not To Waste A Crisis series and Lab Legacies webinars.

All this research and development work is to better equip us all to think through and work on the big challenges of our age. A constant work in progress as we strive for better.

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