What we do

We help you learn, and learn fast. We create the conditions that accelerate your understanding of what works, and what doesn’t.

We don’t sell pre-packaged answers; your context is your domain. Instead, we guide you - with programs, research and tools - as you develop and test your responses to our era’s greatest crises.

Who we work with

Our partners grapple with the knotty issues of our age; from reinvigorating democracy, to ending homelessness; from cutting our carbon emissions to social justice. These are the complex interdependent challenges facing institutions and governments the world over.

This work is hard. We collaborate with the compassionate optimists who work in weeks, and think in years. If that sounds like you? Get in touch and let’s work together.

Grounded in experience

States of Change draws on the expertise and accomplishments of our network of fellows. This global collective of accomplished public innovators have worked with heads of state and led large government programs. They’ve founded innovation labs and built digital services. They have put theory into practice, time and again. Our work is grounded in that expertise.

Grow institutional capacity

We design and run training programs and learning experiences to support you to work more experimentally, more effectively, more ambitiously.

Guide modern leadership

We coach, mentor and advise on effective, open leadership to navigate radical change in the 21st century. We draw on our collective experience from inside and out of large institutions to walk with you on your journey.

Develop next practice

We bring people with various experiences and expertise together to explore the future of government practice. We raise the bar for how organisations serve people through our collaborative research.

Make teams innovative

We find the untapped potential in your organisation, develop their skills and align their talents with a clear strategy and sustainable business model.

Understand your influence

We use a mixed methods approach to help you understand and evaluate the shifts in culture that teams and organisations contribute to.

Turn complex ideas into practical ones

We design and develop new frameworks and tools to support innovation practitioners to make the most of their mandate.

Let's work together