Project teams take the stage in States of Change Victoria

Since March, ten project teams from across the Victorian Public Service have been learning and applying practical innovation skills to challenges faced by Victorian departments, agencies and citizens. Along the way, they’ve also been adopting new behaviours, habits and mindsets to support new ways of thinking in government.

At this recent ‘show and share’ event, each team had the opportunity to share their project, the insights they had gained and the value of innovation approaches to their challenge. The event was attended by the teams' executives, colleagues and representatives from the broader public sector, as well as unusual suspects external to government.

Each team had three minutes to reflect on their learning journey so far, with the format giving them the chance to rehearse their storytelling and advocacy skills and to get feedback on their process and experiences.

Watch the video for a snapshot of the teams’ learnings and to see what being part of States of Change means to both them and their stakeholders.