Lab Legacies: how to position an innovation lab to have the greatest impact?

We continue our Lab Legacy debate series with a conversation about how to position an innovation lab to have the greatest impact on government.

Join us via Zoom for our second event on Monday 5th November, 14:00 UK time

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To help shed light on this difficult challenge, we will hear from:

  • Chelsea Mauldin (USA), Executive Director at Public Policy Lab in New York, who for more than a decade, has partnered with government organisations to innovate for the common good.
  • Giulio Quaggiotto (Italy), Director of Community at Climate KIC & Research Affiliate at MIT, who has a long and impressive track-record of disrupting governments and international institutions from within.

The conversation will be facilitated by Jesper Christiansen, Head of Strategy & Development at Nesta.

When: Monday 5th of November 2018, 14:00-15:00 UK time (GMT)

Where: this online conversation will be happening via Zoom. Please register here for the conversation

Conversation theme: positioning innovation labs to have the greatest impact in government

An increasing number of organisations and teams in government have been given a mandate to innovate. The question now, is how to make the most of this mandate? How do we avoid becoming too much at odds with the status quo, doing radical and interesting work but failing to embed any long term change? And how do we avoid becoming too pragmatic in the search for buy-in, ending up as just another consultancy delivering “business as usual” solutions packaged as ‘innovation’?

In this latest of the Lab Legacy series we will focus on the challenge of aligning ambition, positioning and strategy for innovation teams and labs, asking the question: Where are we best placed to have the largest impact on government?

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About Lab Legacies

The field of public innovation is still emerging and constantly evolving, and we want to inspire action by building on the experiences of leading innovation practitioners. Through the Lab Legacies series, we’ll debate and learn from different attempts to embed innovation in government. See our first debate looking at the politics of working in government, and tell us what you think!