A playbook for innovation learning

This playbook has been created by Nesta's Innovation Skills team for innovation practitioners who want to spread innovation skills, methods and tools.

Innovation practitioners are often involved with the design and delivery of learning experiences or skills development programmes, but might not have experience in learning design. The playbook is therefore designed as a practitioners book to provide a foundation and structure for making innovation learning decisions.

This includes designing more effective learning experiences, identifying and articulating learning needs, pitching a learning offer at the right level, and connecting a team or innovation strategy with learning and development.

The playbook includes 35 diagrams, each with a short description explaining its purpose and background and how it can used to help others think about and discuss learning for innovation. Nesta describes the playbook as a collection of learning 'design patterns' that can be used in a non-linear, interactive way by combining and 'mashing-up' different tools to get the job done.

The playbook is aimed at innovation practitioners with several years of experience, but newcomers might also find it useful.

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