A tool to empower public innovators

Innovators in government were once seen as the people comfortable with creative thinking, sticky notes and brainstorming. But we think it takes more than that. That’s why, at Nesta, we created the Competency Framework, to show the full range of what we believe it takes to work on public problems.

Because it’s our skills and attitudes that are the core ingredients of what makes the most innovative teams, innovative, experimental and groundbreaking. When the chemistry is right, we think small groups of people can do amazing things.

We made this tool to help you learn about what those skills and attitudes are. From the brokering it takes to build coalitions for change, to the tech literacy that helps you understand the pitfalls and potential of new technology. Whether you are good at finding the money for projects, or you’re a compelling advocate, it all matters.

The tool should help you to better understand your own role in changing the world for good.

You can use the app online, on your own or with a team. It’s a beta version so try it out, and let us know how you get on with it.

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