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Find out about the public innovation learning programmes that we run, and the research and development projects we're setting up to help explore and tests what works in the field.

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The States of Change learning programmes build on our extensive experience of designing and delivering innovation learning initiatives and training programmes in the public sector.

They focus on the key components that help to build innovation capacity and create culture change over time. Every programme has a bias towards action, meaning participants work on real-life projects throughout and focus not only on innovation methods, but also on the behaviours and cultures that enable innovation in government – what we call innovation craft.

Our core foundational programme runs for 9-12 months, and we work with our government partners to tailor the experience to their own context and needs.

Read more about our current programmes with the Victorian State Government (Australia) and the Government of Canada below, or get in touch for more information.

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One of the goals of States of Change is to proactively address the common challenges that innovation practitioners face again and again. The field of public innovation is still emerging and evolving, and so our aim is to inspire action through practice-oriented, collaborative R&D activities and to develop the field based on practice rather than theory.

A core principle of our R&D work involves the ongoing input, support and validation from the wider community of practice. Because of the evolving nature of the field, any recommendations, insights or learning offer in this space needs to be designed and developed in continuous close relationship with the leading practitioners in the field. We want to tap into the intelligence and experience of the community of practice, so to find out about getting involved please get in touch with Jesper Christiansen, Head of Strategy and Development in Nesta's Innovation Skills team.

In the meantime, explore our R&D work so far in the stories below.