Creating effective change in government

If you are a public servant in Australia this might interest you. We are running a one week course to help you understand and be more confident navigating the plethora of innovation methods available. It will be run in Melbourne, between 23rd and 27th March, 2020.

Here's how you can register for the program or if you have any questions you can get in touch with Nicole, who is running it.

Further details below.

Reform. Big data. Design thinking. Transformation. Co-design. System thinking. Behavioural Insights.

At their heart is a simple question: how do we create effective change...and how do we make it stick?

Across the region we’re seeing innovation becoming an increasingly noisy space - labs and specialist units are popping up in government agencies more and more. But how do we know what approaches and which disciplines to use for each challenge?

This week long training is an opportunity to join with peers from across Australia who are interested in going beyond the spectrum of methods and innovation approaches - into the types of conditions and mindsets that are best suited for new ways of working.

This training will appeal to those who are curious about what change actually means and looks like in government, and public servants interested in how to activate the potential of working effectively with others.

Over the course of an intensive week, led by two expert facilitators, participants will explore tools and frameworks to better navigate the ‘innovation ecosystem’ in policy making, how to effectively collaborate with others, whether that’s your colleagues or citizens, and reflect on what it means to build legitimacy for change.

​ What you will learn

  • how to integrate diverse disciplines, approaches and innovation theory into your work;
  • how to use different kinds of data and evidence to explore challenges and accelerate sense-making to strengthen policy making;
  • what your individual role is in changing the public sector for the better
  • the importance of effectively communicating insights, ideas and ambitions to other stakeholders;
  • how to use narrative and storytelling to articulate vision and value in compelling ways;
  • tools and techniques for working effectively in teams, particularly when facing uncertainty;
  • how to facilitate spaces to work together effectively and collaboratively (whether it’s with your colleagues or citizens);
  • and how to operate in political dynamics and bureaucratic environments to ensure strategic support.

What you will get

You will have Electronic access to all tools, worksheets, materials and resources is included in the program fee.

Offering discounts for teams

We also believe learning is more sustainable when you do it as a team, contact us to discuss discounts when registering more than one person from your branch/project/department.

When it is happening

Monday 23rd March to Friday 27th March. 9- 5pm

Where it is happening

Curate Space, 306 Little Collins Street entry via Causeway Lane, Reception Level 6, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

​ Get in touch

Interested? Great! Here's how you can register for the program and if you have any questions just email Nicole! 👋